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Dear Artist,

Thank you for your inquiry about art reference rights to Denver Bryan's photography. Denver is a full-time wildlife photographer whose images have appeared in countless books, calendars and advertising campaigns over the past two decades as well as graced the pages of such magazines as NATIONAL WILDLIFE, SMITHSONIAN, TIME, NEWSWEEK, NATURAL HISTORY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, FIELD & STREAM, OUTDOOR LIFE, DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE and many more.

Denver began his photographic career selling his work at art shows around the country. While doing so he developed many friendships and working relationships with artists wishing to use his images primarily for painting reference. Consequently, we have sold art reference rights to some of Denver's images to artists for many years now. Selling art reference rights has become much easier through our website at www.denverbryan.com and with the recent enlargement of our online image database; currently several thousand images strong and growing weekly.

Our procedure for selling art reference rights is fairly simple. Just go to the IMAGE SEARCH section of our website and click on the 'search by subject' drop-down menu. Find the wildlife species/categories that interest you and see what is available. Once you find an image or images that you'd like to license for your artwork let us know the image number via e-mail and we'll let you know if the image is available and at what price. We only license 'exclusive art reference rights' to Denver's website images; meaning only one artist per image. Exclusive art reference rights usually run around $200 - $250 per image but may vary somewhat do to the nature and uniqueness of an image. Additionally, we often offer a discount to artists wishing to purchase the art reference rights to several images.

Another part of our exclusive art reference licensing agreement deals with other-than-original-artwork produced from Denver's images.....i.e. signed print editions, etc. We require a 'print and the retail price of a single print' of any artwork that is published in a print or other series.

I hope that answers most of your questions about acquiring art reference rights to Denver Bryan's images. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Regards, Anne Sexton

Office Manager / 406-539-9272


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